How Country Cuckoo Clocks Compliment Country-Style Homes

Country cuckoo clocks could really come in handy if you’re thinking of switching to country-inspired home interiors. With their rich earth-tone colors and beautifully handcrafted casings, these valuable timepieces could readily sync into the whole look with relative ease. Of course, basic ideas about country-style designing could greatly help in finding the best country clocks fit to your liking.

Before we rush into the business of country cuckoo clocks, let’s define first what makes country home decorating truly “country”. It’s really all about blending different furnishings and styles that have a simple, comfy, rustic, and traditional vibe to them. It mostly involves wooden materials, neutral colors, and handmade objects. Details are also welcome as long as they’re kept at a minimum.

Cuckoo clocks are not that hard to integrate into country-styled homes because they contain most of the essential elements needed to pull off the look. Their traditional wood casings, particularly the ones depicting scenes from nature or hunting, are a lot like rural living – it brings you closer to nature. Traditional carved cuckoo clocks usually feature animals, such as a deer or bird, flowers, and leaves.

Country-style clocks are available in neutral colors (e.g. ivory or white) and earth tone colors, like brown. White cuckoo clocks would particularly contribute a lot in adding substance to an all-white kitchen or living room. River City’s white cuckoo clock is a good product that you can check out. It has a pristine white coating with light pink undertone and hand-painted flower images. There are three wooden birds included, one on top and the other two at the sides, together with two glossy white-silver pine cone weights hanging below the casing. This product is very charming and has carving details that are attractive without being taken over the top.

Cuckoos are available in two types of movement: 8-day movement and 1-day movement. This is quite an important consideration because it’ll determine how often you have to check up on the fixture. Basically, 8-day movement cuckoo clocks are more convenient because you only have to wound them once a week, unlike 1-day movement clocks that need winding every 30 hours. You can easily tell these two apart through their weights – 8-day movement clock tends to have larger weights.

There are currently a lot of options for classic clocks. Those that are made from Black Forest, Germany are the most popular types because of their excellent craftsmanship and beautiful appearances. The trusted manufacturers of these products include Hubert Herr, Romba, Anton Schneider, and Hekas. Although you can buy these from Amazon or eBay, it’s really recommended that you buy these from clock specialty stores because they offer replacement parts and customer service support.

Decorative Plate Buying Tips

Home decoration is a concept that many people take seriously. They try many things and even spend a lot of money to live in a beautiful home. One of the amazing methods that they try is the use of a decorative plate. This is a lovely item to hang on your walls, or to simply place it over the dining table. These plates have different themes. You can find plant themes, animal themes, art themes and many others. In other words, everyone can easily match his or her tastes and preferences with the available plates.

The plates come in different designs or shapes such that you can simply match them with your interior decoration. A plate is just a small, simple item, but it could amazingly transform your home. If you want to see it for yourself, simply visit Amazon or eBay auction sites. You will find several decorative plates even in sets. Some come in a set of three or more, painted small-sized or medium-sized plates. Others are much bigger in size and often sold as one plate. One of the best items you could find at Amazon is a set of four hand painted porcelain decorative plates.

They feature a vegetable theme including a mushroom, fruits, and other vegetable images, set on a black backdrop. For only $39, you could have this set to decorate your dinning room. If you love to buy one big decorative plate that captures the attention of many eyes at once, try the 16-inch Chinese Ceramic Oriental plate. It features a lovely Japanese Imari Design by Oriental Furniture. This single plate has an amazing artistic elegance to it. Buy it for $195 today and you are sure not to have any regrets later. Would you like to add a French Theme in your home? There is no need to get a luxury painting for yourself, when you could simply spend $20 to buy each plate, from a set of three French Black Toile Porcelain Plates. They feature three separate patterns.

The plates present such a simple way of displaying your arty aspect in dinning issues. They are FDA approved, they are dishwasher safe, and each plate has an 8-inch diameter. Do you want to view additional decorative sets of plates? Internet is your best resource. You could even start collecting the most valuable and lovely plates. These items become very profitable later, especially if you know how to select the best themes. Of course, you have to collect each plate at the lowest cost possible. Later, you can sell the same high quality plates, at a much higher price.