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This guide is not just for people wanting to build their new home, but also for people wanting to get into the business of wood working, wood signs, cabinets and different designs.

Wood design or home improvement is not for everyone and it can also be a really great career to get into so just keep that in mind.

The first feature you should consider putting into your home is reclaimed wood flooring, or wood effect tiles. The choice is up to you and they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

If you are considering for going the all natural look then you should definitely try this floor.

Wood Effect Tiles

If you aren’t interested in the all natural look, but you do want the same effect then I strongly recommend porcelain effect tiles, it will be your next best bet. These tiles will never nice, chip or rot and is also a lot easier to keep clean.

There is nothing better than the reclaimed bar wood. That is only if you like the fact of having the nice lovely texture and don’t mind the idea of recycling. In saying that though there is a whole lot of responsibility when you have these in your home. Such as wiping up spills as soon as possible, being careful not to make nicks and little chips and also making sure it doesn’t rot.

Wood Signs

Another amazing feature that you can also add to your lovely new or existing home is adding custom wood signs, make it yourself or simply buy one. You can get them very cheap on Amazon and eBay. But if you do decide to make one for yourself you will become very proud of your new creation and you will get a great feeling of achievement.

Wood Desks

Well this is a great subject indeed when you’re talking about the solid wood designs. There is a whole lot of different varieties of these such as hardwood, softwood, exotic wood the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to make it or buy it is really up to you.


If you want to give your home a nice warm feeling you definitely need a white cabinet with a lot of storage.

To conclude this, very simply put, if you want to give your new home a warm and soft feeling then I suggest getting most of your furniture WHITE. This definitely gives you a sense of comfort and safety. Thanks for reading my article and be sure check out more.

Brandon J Willing
New Zealand