Starting a Decorative Plate Collection

For people looking to start a collection that can also proudly be featured as a part of their home’s decor, decorative plates are hard to beat. There are so many styles and themes that there is almost certainly something available to fit the interests of almost anyone.

Just as with any hobby, collectors of decorative plates can be quite serious about their passion. With the values of some of the plates they collect, it only makes sense that they are at least a little bit serious. Rare plates can often sell for hundreds of dollars, and eBay listings often find people buying and selling entire sets of these collectibles for even higher prices on a daily basis.

If you are just starting a collection however, there is no need to go hog wild and spend a fortune though. If you have some particular area of interest, you can usually find some very nice plates related to it for reasonable prices. Browsing the plates available for sale on sites like eBay or Amazon can sometimes be helpful if you are not quite sure what types of plates are available to you.

Some people start collections based on one particular theme or interest area. For example, if you are a music lover, you might want to go in the direction of collecting plates featuring famous artists such as The Beatles or Elvis Presley. Many “legendary” musicians and groups have been commemorated over the years on collectible plates. You can check to see if anyone you enjoy listening to has been included. Other people may build a collection based on a favorite painter. A terrific example of this type of artist is Norman Rockwell. His splendid images capturing the heart and soul of Americana are available on many decorative plates. His famous images that graced magazine covers can now be part of anyone’s home decor.

Other collectors of decorative plates focus on one particular maker. Bradford Exchange is a very well known brand that has been around for years. Some people may recall seeing their merchandise being sold on television or in other venues.

Although buying these plates online is a very popular method of obtaining them, it certainly is not the only route to try. Plates are often put up for sale at estate sales and moving sales. People having estate sales especially may be willing to offer a more than fair price for an entire collection of plates. In fact, you can often find your best bargains at these sales. The down side to this method however is the fact that you are stuck waiting for something that interests you to come along. For some people, that could be a long wait. By comparison, searching on the Internet will usually bring you what you want almost immediately, albeit at a higher price most of the time.